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Cold Deck

A greenhorn logger, Jack (Clive Standen), partners with a seasoned veteran (Alec Baldwin) hoping for guidance to avoid being crushed by a tree during his first week of work. When Jack uncovers a bag filled with a million dollars abandoned in the forest, he's attacked, and Sam is killed. The hunt is on – Jack is on the run, pursued by lunatics, intent on killing him before he can get back to civilization.


Clive Standen

Alec Baldwin

Stephen Dorff

Tom Welling

Lochlyn Munro

Lucy Martin

Directed by Brian Skiba

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All My Friends Are Dead


A close group of college friends, on the way to the biggest music festival of the year, are forced to spend a night in an Airbnb while their van is fixed. The weekend of partying quickly takes a dark turn, as the group is murdered one by one, with each death directly corresponding to one of the seven deadly sins.


JoJo Siwa

Jade Pettyjohn

Justin Derickson

Pete Graham

Directed by Marcus Dunstan

To be released in 2024

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