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In the early 1950s, heavyweight boxer, Rocky Marciano balances fame, the demands of his wife, and championship dreams until he’s pressured by the New York Mob to throw a fight. A popular “A” list actor is attached, however, contractually the name of actor cannot be disclosed until the film is formally announced to the media.
Based on the best selling Mike Stanton book.

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Dolphin’s of Hollywood

Biographical Music and Drama Series

Concentrating on Jazz and Blues, John Dolphin, founder of the Dolphins of Hollywood record stores in Los Angeles, built up an R&B music empire in the 1950s and 60s that helped establish a West Coast Black Music industry and influenced how Black Music was played on the radio and sold in the African-American neighbourhood, Central Avenue.

Based on the book by Jamelle Baruck Dolphin. In collaboration with Jersey Legends LLC.

The creative team behind the series: Shaquille O’Neal, Mary Beth O'Connor,

Michael Parris, Shaun Redick, Yvette Yates and Kirk Shaw.


Wilma Rudolph

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An American sprinter born in Saint Bethlehem, Tennessee, Wilma overcame childhood polio to become the fastest woman on earth, an Olympic champion and a 60s Civil Rights trailblazer. As a teen, Wilma ran in her first Olympics in 1956, four years later and now a single mom she anchored the US team at the Rome Olympics. In 1960, Wilma brought home gold in the 100 meters, set a new record in the 200-meter dash and capped her Olympic performance with a third gold medal in the 4x100-meter relay with the American team trailing Germany until Rudolph made up the distance by setting a world record. Along with her Olympic fame came a platform for Wilma as an activist for women’s right, civil rights and an inspiration for a generation of athletes.

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How to Rob Banks


The incredible never told true story of Chaz “Slim” Williams, a prolific bank robber in the 1970s who robbed banks while out of prison on a weekly work-release program.

Co-producing with Tiller Russell’s production company, Tillerman Films.

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Honey Trap


In 1995, DEA agent Robert Gagne embarked on a mission to unravel one of the world’s most lucrative drug-trafficking networks. As Gagne infiltrates the New York’s club scene, he uncovers a multimillion-dollar criminal empire that spans continents. Based on Gagne’s book.


Chainsaw Confidential


Based on the book: “How We Made the World's Most Notorious Horror Movie" by Gunnar Hansen, the original Leatherface from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. This movie highlights the zany, true, behind-the-scenes making of the cult horror movie.

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The Andrews Sisters

Patty, LaVerne and Maxine, the Andrews Sisters were the most popular female vocal group from the first half of the 20th century, selling over 80 million records and defining the boogie-woogie, swing era of music.

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Cotton Club Murder

American show-business promoter Ray Radin is remembered for trying to finance the film The Cotton Club (1984) and then as the victim of a targeted killing. Four were eventually sentenced for their involvement in "The Cotton Club Murder." But the whole story has never been told. 

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Do You Meet Here Often

Simon Napier-Bell introduces the 1960s London’s, Gay rock-music scene where managers met up at Soho clubs by night and then encouraged their groups hits, fashions, and dance moves by day. Among the most influential in this group were Brian Epstein (the Beatles), Kit Lambert (the Who) and Simon Napier-Bell (the Yardbirds) as well as many other influencers who faced ridicule, extortion and the law for being Gay at a time when it was still outlawed in the UK.

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Dark Space


"Darkspace" The psychic void within each of our minds that contains the darker, more intense elements of our nature: our most aggressive, lustful, anti-social instincts which - if acted out - would disrupt others’ lives – if not decimate them outright. Unconscionable acts of thievery, betrayal, sadism, masochism, unbounded greed, incest, and demonic dynamism all thrive within our Darkspace.

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Kinky Friedman


Singer, songwriter, novelist, humorist, cigar smoker, animal welfare activist, and would-be politician Kinky Friedman is the author of popular detective novels set in New York City featuring a fictionalised crime-solving version of himself. All 20 books in this popular detective series are under option.